Why Iso-Bar?

In formulating this superior bar, the ingredients were researched and put together with precision. It was the founder’s vision to provide a balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats required in a meal that the human body can recognize, absorb and benefit from the highest nutritional value possible. It is known that the three classes of macronutrients-proteins, carbohydrates and fats-have specific roles in maintaining the body’s health and contribute to the taste, texture and appearance of foods, which helps to make the diet more varied and enjoyable for optimal results. 

In addition, Iso-Bar is a whole-food based product with organic ingredients. The cost comparison of whole-food to preserved is much greater, but what’s important to the founder of Iso-Bar, is that the consumer is truly ingesting healthy food. No false statements, like most nutrition bars on the market. You will recognize every ingredient listed on the Iso-Bar label and understand why each is included. The combination of high quality ingredients and the three macronutrients, allows the blood sugar levels to stabilize to prevent highs and lows, reduce fat storage and aid in fat burning.