I have a great deal of passion in helping my community and others in a positive way, everyday. This transcends into my business passion and the products we produce.

Helping Others:

  • Changing people's lives in a positive way, everyday, through health and wellness. I feel reward, seeing others achieve through assisting them in their personal goals. As a role model in fitness I like to share my experiences and expertise as a fitness professional and pro athlete, with many certifications (personal training, group fitness, etc.). 
  • Coaching fitness athletes for the stage, to ensure that they achieve their personal best. 
  • Choreography is a specialty of mine, creating routines for fitness athletes and me. It’s not work, its fun…

Helping Myself:

  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise, nutrition, rest and a positive attitude (good spirit).
  • Fitness competition; Fitness, Fitness model and Bikini. I love the stage and expressing myself through movement to music.
  • Being a mom soon! I want to be married and have children, to carry on my legacy.
  • The water is a place that keeps me calm and allows me to purify and recharge. I will build my waterfront home in my lifetime and have a family with lots of animals.
  • I enjoy my time with family, friends.

As an Entrepreneur:

  • Being an entrepreneur is a natural ability for me. I enjoy the challenge and creativity behind new business ventures. Most of all, I’m inspired to see an idea become a success!
  • Viewing real-estate properties, purchasing, remodelling and building homes.

Special Place in my heart for animals:

  • I have a huge heart for animals. I feel so connected… a love that is truly unconditional. I’m always greeted in the morning when I wake up and when I walk through my door, lots of love…wagging tails and kisses. It doesn’t get much better than that. Thank you Maggie, Sadie, Ben, Daisy, Willow, Val (Volarnah), Zoey (Zahara)!

Spending time with my animals:

Tammy Rosiek
Tammy Rosiek