About Fit Stars

Fit Stars, has been selling their oven fresh, whole-food based nutrition Iso-Bar since August of 2009, recently undergoing a reformulation and rebranding in 2014. Iso-Bar has been very successful with yoga enthusiasts, bodybuilders, professional athletes, recreationalists and the general population wanting a bar that satisfies their palate as well as their nutritional needs. Iso-Bars are available in Tasty Chocolate, Yummy Yogurt, and Almond Chocolate Chunk. The bars are all-natural, whole-food based, with organic ingredients, free of genetically modified organisms (Non-GMO), high fibre, high protein (contains 100% whey protein isolate), no artificial sweeteners or preservatives and contains all the dietary components required for a well-balanced meal.

Tammy Rosiek, the founder of this health conscious bar is a natural athlete (Ms. Fitness and Galaxy Canada), a person with sensitivity to preserved foods and a firm believer in foods in their most natural state. “Iso-Bar is about good health and foundational to this is exercise and eating right. As people become more aware of the many benefits nutritionally, ecologically and environmentally of choosing to consume natural, whole- foods we are seeing the costs decrease and the availability and choices increase. Iso-Bar is an exciting product and we are proud to be able to bring the best choices in healthy convenient foods to everyone’s diet.”

“While evolving this superior product, it was in my best interest to provide a balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats required in a meal that the human body can recognize, absorb and benefit from the highest nutritional value possible. It is known that the three classes of macronutrients–proteins, carbohydrates and fats–have specific roles in maintaining the body’s health and contribute to the taste, texture and appearance of foods, which helps to make the diet more varied and enjoyable for optimal results,” says Tammy.

Iso-Bar was designed to enhance performance for the general population or the athlete by keeping the sodium levels low, using quality protein (whey isolate), heart healthy fats (no trans fats) and low glycemic carbohydrates. It was also formulated to prevent fat storage and burn fat by stabilizing blood sugar levels. For a full dietician report by Karlene Karst, RD (Registered Dietician),  click here.

More information about Fit Stars Iso-Bar is available by calling Tammy at 604.474.2242 or by e-mail  info@fitstars.com.

Fit Stars was founded by Tammy Rosiek in 2008 and has become one of Canada’s leaders in the nutrition/protein bar industry. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Fit Stars works to educate consumers on the value of a healthy eating lifestyle along with exercise and creates responsible products to complement that mission.