I used to live in North Vancouver, but now living in Edmonton. These are the best protein bars I've ever bought. I'm happy to be able to purchase them online.

Thank You!

Estevao Campos Merlo

OMG! Tammy! Yesterday I tried the yummy yogurt bars for the 1st time and they are AMAZING! So delicious! (and the perfect snack for on the golf course!) I may be addicted…I just wanted to let you know that they are my all-time favourite snack bar (and I’ve tried a TON of bars in my life…).  I even posted a picture on the Uptown FB page encouraging people to come in and pick one up to try for themselves…Yummy doesn’t even begin to describe how good these are…Thank you for making these available!

Janice Chabros

Iso-Bar's are an amazing way to end your work outs! They taste amazing, and I dont feel hungry when I finish one! I highly recomend them! Get them in bulk!

Craig Smart, Singer-Song writer

Hey Tammy, Thank you very much for dropping off that box of chocolate almond bars at Cutting Edge! They are soooo amazing. I also want to thank you for your excellent customer service! I will be sharing my story with all my friends.

Shari Morrison

I have been searching quite some time for a good protein bar, I am excited to find that a fellow Canadian has made it! Received my order through Supplements Canada and immediately sampled the yogurt flavour. Awesome job! I knew the stats were good, ingredients were great, but did not think it would also have such a great taste. I am starting a new training session after being away for a few months due to some joint injuries and these will help supplement my meal plan nicely.

Thanks for bringing this to the market, take care, and best wishes.

Adam Duke

I have recently tried one of your ISO-BARS...they are really good! I'm in great shape and live a very active lifestyle. I box twice a day as well as boot camps, spin classes, snow shoeing, running and weight lifting. Your product gives me the energy and stamina I need to maintain a HIGH level of intensity and endurance throughout my workouts…..both pre-and post-workout. I would love the chance to meet you and see how you became so successful in following your vision and persevered towards your dreams and goals.

Randy Fuller

Salmon Arm / Lifetime Fitness

When I tried the ISOBAR bar the first thing that caught my attention was how good it tasted and then the most important thing is that it’s an a ORGANIC bar. All the ingredients are simple to read and easy to understand,that only means one thing IT'S GOOD FOR YOU! I'm an athlete and I've being competing for few years now,and trust me I have tried more than a few protein bars out there. The other protein bars I’ve tried the ingredients were not easy to read and they tasted horrible! The ISO-BAR is the only bar I’ll add on my diet,it's good for you, tastes good and it's a meal replacement!! What else you can ask for! I've recommended Iso-Bar to all my family and friends! Love you Tammy for coming up with this incredible product!

Huggs, Patty

Fit Stars Iso-Bars help me maintain a nice off season weight and they are convenient for a long day at work. These bars are yummy and healthy which creates a perfect combination. Keep'em coming Tammy!

Sherry Boudreau 
BCRPA Certified Trainer/Instructor SN Fitness World  CBBF National Level Fitness Competitor

I was so happy to hear that Tammy's Iso-Bars were on the shelves. I started to buy them in January and have been eating one in the morning for almost three months.They are delicious, filling, and the best part is they have regulated my system. I have suffered with stomach problems for years and these bars have saved the day for me! My son, his girlfriend and our daughter are also hooked! We all have those days that we are starving and will eat just about anything and it is sometimes not the best choice but these bars are the answer!”

From my Heart, Gloria Cuccione

I discovered Fit Stars Iso-Bars in my second trimester of pregnancy. I had been looking for something healthy, organic, and with quality protein to help me get a nutritious snack. I am a sales rep and spend the majority of my day driving around and don’t always get time for a proper lunch. The Yummy Yogurt flavour is my favourite!”

Shawna, Coquitlam

As a fitness instructor I’m always making sure that I eat healthy. Being a mother of 2 and busy all day long can sometimes limit the type of snack that I’m wanting during my day. Thank goodness for Iso-bars! A quick, healthy and delicious snack that I count on everyday. Finally a bar that taste good and gives you lots of benefits.”

Andrea Raybould

BCRPA Certified AFL- Group Fitness

Certified Zumba Instructor