27g of protein

Almond Chocolate Chunk

21g of protein

Tasty Chocolate

21g of protein

Yummy Yogurt

Be Kind Face Masks
Join us to stop the spread of Covid 19

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Be Kind Face Masks

Sanitize Me Package Safe & Sleek
Sanitize Me Package Safe & Sleek
Sanitize Me Package Safe & Sleek
Sanitize Me Package Safe & Sleek
Sanitize Me Package Safe & Sleek
Sanitize Me Package Safe & Sleek
Sanitize Me Package Safe & Sleek
Sanitize Me Package Safe & Sleek
Sanitize Me Package Safe & Sleek
Sanitize Me Package Safe & Sleek
Be Kind
Sanitize Me Package Safe & Sleek
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Sanitize Me Packages … Designed to stay safe & stop the spread of Covid19.

Includes: Waterproof Face Mask + 2 Free PM 2.5 Filters + Face Mask Lanyard + Unscented Sanitizer Spray. "You SAVE 27% on this package

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In Vogue...Sanitize Me Package consists of a safe & sleek waterproof face mask, matching face mask ...read more

Why Iso-Bar?

Iso-Bar is a whole-food based product with organic ingredients. The combination of premium ingredients and the three macronutrients, allows the blood sugar levels to stabilize to prevent highs and lows, reduce fat storage and aid in fat burning. A meal replacement you can grab and go. Superior for pre or post activity. Easy storage for biking, hiking, in a tote bag and best for travelling.

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Tammy Rosiek Fit Stars Iso-Bar

Tammy Rosiek

Meet the Founder

Tammy Rosiek, founder of Fit Stars Natural Products, harnesses the power of Mother Nature’s goodness in her strategically-formulated Iso-Bars. Tammy is a natural athlete (Ms Fitness and Galaxy Canada), and has sensitivities to preserved foods. She’s a firm believer in foods in their most natural state (whole food)

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Customer Testimonials

I used to live in North Vancouver, but now living in Edmonton. These are the best protein bars I've ever bought. I'm happy to be able to purchase them online...read more

Estevao Campos Merlo

Iso-Bar's are an amazing way to end your work outs! They taste amazing, and I don't feel hungry when I finish one!...read more

Craig Smart, Singer-Song writer

Hey Tammy, Thank you very much for dropping off that box of chocolate almond bars at Cutting Edge! They are soooo amazing. I also want to thank you for your excellent customer service!...read more

Shari Morrison

Fit Stars Iso-Bars help me maintain a nice off season weight and they are convenient for a long day at work. ...read more

Sherry Boudreau, BCRPA Certified Trainer/Instructor

I discovered Fit Stars Iso-Bars in my second trimester of pregnancy. I had been looking for something healthy, organic, and with quality protein to help me...read more

Shawna, Coquitlam

As a fitness instructor I’m always making sure that I eat healthy. Being a mother of 2 and busy all day long can sometimes limit the type of snack...read more

Andrea Raybould, BCRPA Certified AFL- Group Fitness

I was so happy to hear that Tammy's Iso-Bars were on the shelves. I started to buy them in January and have been eating one in the morning for almost three months....read more

From my Heart, Gloria Cuccione

The best! I love trying and I lift heavy so I love carbs! I keep ISO Bars beside my bed In my night table where the candy used to go because it totally satisfies my “sneak a treat” moments! I’m so grateful that I found these! Thank you Annette For sharing them and Tammy for making sure to bake the go to treats for me! Yummmmmmm

Tammy Halvorsen