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Tammy Rosiek, founder of Fit Stars Natural Products, harnesses the power of Mother Nature’s goodness in her strategically-formulated Iso-Bars. Tammy is a natural athlete (Ms Fitness and Galaxy Canada), and has sensitivities to preserved foods. She’s a firm believer in foods in their most natural state (whole-food). She took it upon herself to formulate with precision, a nutritional health bar derived from natural resources and whole, unprocessed ingredients. While evolving this superior product, Iso-Bar, it was her interest to provide a balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats required in a meal that the human body can recognize, absorb and benefit from the highest nutritional value possible. Tammy is living proof that Iso-Bars work. Stay in touch as Fit Stars continues to innovate, bringing you the best natural, whole-food products available!


I Tammy Gwen Rosiek was born on March 30th, 1965 in Haney BC which is 45 minutes east of Vancouver BC. My mother was born in England and father was born in Canada.

THANK YOU MOM and DAD. My parent’s generation was about working in the farm and school. My mother wasn’t able to participate in any activities. A feeling of loss in her childhood it was her desire to give me these opportunities in my life. At the age of 5 my first activity encounter was figure skating. I enjoyed the creative and musical side but it was detoured away from the 5:00am early mornings. Alongside of figure skating, I played piano and accordion. I loved music as it is a memory of my parents dancing hand in hand.

As time moved forward, I was involved in softball; beginning to realize the appreciation for competition in a team atmosphere. Determined to be my personal best I was drafted for the travelling A team and proceeded with this till my late teens.

My grandmother was an animal lover and I happened to see myself in her. Yes, I would bring home animals and rescue any kind. A fond moment was my cousin galloping her black quarter horse in the fields. I would beg my parents to take me there, so I could ride black beauty. My passion for horses made my heart feel complete, so within a short period of time I had my first strawberry roan horse named Promise. He showed me the run of my life. A 3 mile field he surpassed all the galloping horses and jumped every fence that came in front of us. Determined like myself he was my true partner, so on the show circuit we went. We were winning everything and I realized that competition was an aspiration and my drive in life.

Tammy Rosiek
Tammy Rosiek
Tammy Rosiek

During my years as a high school student, I took on my first job at Sea Shanty Fish and Chips. I also worked for Pitt Meadows Animal Clinic as a Veterinarian Assistant. Shortly after graduation I worked as an account receivable supervisor at Compuserve in Vancouver BC. Throughout the week my teenage girlfriend and I would workout to the Jane Fonda Video tape. I was dressed in my bright tights, leg warmers and headband. She knew I enjoyed being active and suggested that I take the Aerobics instructor course at the YMCA. I agreed for two reasons: I love to be active and help others, and I thought it would be a way to communicate and break out of my shy shell. I mastered the course and was certified to teach aerobic classes.

My job for Compuserve transferred me from Vancouver to the Toronto location. I took on a second job in my apartment complex where I taught my first aerobic class. 4 months later I resided back to British Columbia. I applied for a position at Steve Nash Fitness World and closed the deal at the end of the interview. I have acquired multiple positions, which involve management, sales, personal training and group fitness. My commitment and determination along with credentials have rewarded me as a top ranking employee. I was presented as one of the top 10 personal trainers in the organization alongside with many top sales awards.

It was obvious, that my potential was in the health and wellness sector, as it wasn't work for me, it was payment for others reaching their fitness goals with the application of my expertise, it still remains very rewarding to change individuals lives through management of nutrition, training, appropriate rest and stress management. I absolutely love to help others achieve. I was recognized by CEO's and entrepreneurs that I had what it took to be at the top in whatever I wanted. I was sought out for business opportunities and district management in the fitness industry. I ran 5 branches of a Ladies Only chain in British Columbia, setting up the entire sales/marketing sector. In addition, I managed other fitness facilities.

My creative unique self decided to represent a clothing line out of the USA. I always wanted the best and the trendy styles. I opened up my business Fit Tros Athletica. I ran this business for 5 years mobile. With huge success I opened a retail location in Coquitlam, British Columbia; selling unique lines from Brazil, USA and the top moving active wear in the world, Lululemon.

In my early 20s I was faced with a traumatic experience. In result, my physician advised me if I didn’t deal with the trauma I would be up against open heart surgery by the time I was 40. Knowing this I took more courses in the fitness industry to broaden my horizon in health and wellness. As I became to grow as an individual my confidence heightened. An ad was posted in local newspaper to submit photos to be chosen as the Sunshine Girl for North Shore’s local paper. I was called by the photographer and he booked me for a photo shoot. I was chosen as the Sunshine Girl.

Tammy Rosiek and her dogs

Always wanting more challenges led me into the world of competitive Sports Aerobics. Sport Aerobics is a high energy routine of strength, flexibility, endurance accompanied with complex hand and leg choreography. I competed in 3 categories: Individuals, Mixed Pairs and Trios (view  Tammy’s routines). I was awarded 2 gold medals and 3 silver medals at the Canadian National Aerobic Championships from 1996 to 2001, advancing myself to world level competitions. The demands of this sport were difficult to achieve as I didn’t have a dance or gymnastic background. The love and passion for performing on stage became a significant part of my life, so I transitioned into Fitness Competitions. My niche was creativity which inspired me to become a top choreographer. I had the natural ability to express my inner passion through movement to music. With this strength I’ve been given the gift to choreograph all my routines. As a profession I have developed top routines recognized in the competitive world.

From 2001 to present, (See Tammy's Achievements) I took the stage in fitness competitions, where audiences now look forward to my performance. After receiving the title of Ms. Fitness Canada and Galaxy Canada was one of my most exciting and embracing moments. Followed by many awards in Fitness, Figure, Fitness Model, and Bikini. Fitness consists of 2 or 3 rounds; routine, physique and evening gown. Figure has 2 rounds; 2 piece swimsuit and 1 piece swimsuit. Fitness Model consists of 2 rounds; swimsuit and theme wear. Bikini is 1 round with a 2 piece swimsuit.

Steve Nash Fitness World hired me as a workshop presenter for credit courses recognized by British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA); Specializing in Kettlebell and Small Group Personal Training. My passion to change people lives in a positive way was a natural ability to coach fitness athletes for stage. My team was represented under my company name Fit Stars on Stage. In March 2009 I was presented with the Fame Coaches award where my athletes took over the stage with many 1st place standings.

I never would've dreamed that I would be in the spot light for media exposure. It all started in 2002 at the World Natural Sports Organization (WNSO) Canadian National Fitness Competition in Toronto, Canada. It didn't stop here; this was my time to shine as I'm featured many times on television, in newspapers and magazines.

Tammy RosiekIt was important to me that I represent myself as a Natural Athlete in the competitive world. I have struggled with food allergies and find myself most healthy when eating foods in their natural state (Whole foods). In March of 2008 I worked with a master baker formulating the Iso-Bar, a nutritional health bar derived from natural resources and organic ingredients. The Iso-Bar has now profiled one of today's top popular nutritional bars. In December of 2011 I opened my own fitness studio - Fit Stars Studio. Fit Stars Studio, located in Port Coquitlam, BC, features a state-of-the-art, high-tech concept that is the first of its kind in Canada. Our welcoming, natural atmosphere features west coast ambiance, earthy colours, and a spa-like feel. The studio is connected to the outdoors thanks to our open concept design and floor-to-ceiling windows.

I would like to thank you all for believing and supporting me in my journey through health and wellness. I stand here today because of each and every one of your contributions that has brought me to Fit Stars the maker of Iso-Bar. We will continue to succeed in our venture to give you the #1 bar choice to a health, quality lifestyle for you and your family.